Vehicle Wraps And Graphics Vs. Custom Car Painting: What’s Best For You?

Whereas custom car painting was once the only option for creating mobile billboards, vehicle wraps and graphics are now the number-one choice for businesses looking to take their brand messaging on the road.

Today’s post reviews the top reasons why Farmington Hills businesses are choosing vehicle wraps and graphics over custom car painting. Read on to learn all about the benefits and savings that vehicle wraps and graphics have to offer, or call (248)-955-1095 to speak directly with a wrap and graphic specialist in Farmington Hills, MI.

Vehicle Wraps And Graphics Vs. Car Painting: What’s Best For You?

  1. Vehicle wraps and graphics give you full control over your brand message. With custom car painting, you can provide a reference image or detailed design instructions, but the final product will vary depending on the artist’s technical skill and style. In contrast, when ordering vehicle wraps and graphics, we print the exact image you submit to us. And if you’re collaborating with our team to design something from scratch, you’ll have full control, with the ability to see the design in its entirety before it is printed, so you can spot any problems and make changes before it’s too late!
  2. Vehicle wraps and graphics produce higher quality images. While there are some extremely talented custom car painters out there, none can match the power of modern high-resolution vinyl printers, which can produce photo-realistic images on-demand.
  3. Vehicle wraps and graphics cost much less than custom car paint jobs. In a Media Asset-Value comparison conducted by 3M, vehicle wraps and graphics were shown to be the #1 most cost-effective form of advertising, measured at nearly 50-times less expensive than television advertisements, and much more affordable than custom paint jobs. Whether you’re seeking a design for a single vehicle or a national fleet, vehicle wraps and graphics could save you thousands of dollars.
  4. Vehicle wraps and graphics are easier to modify than custom car paint jobs. Using our cutting-edge design software, we can easily modify your design, adding or removing promotional details and calls-to-action, or changing the entire color palette with a few clicks. If your vehicle car wrap is already installed, they are easily changed out, or added onto using vehicle graphics, whereas custom car paint jobs require much more work to redo.
  5. Vehicle wraps and graphics are more durable than custom car paint jobs. With proper maintenance, vehicle wraps and graphics can last up to 10 years in service, whereas custom car paint jobs start to lose their luster much sooner. What’s more, if your vehicle wraps or graphics are damaged, they are easily repaired or replaced, unlike custom car paint jobs, which may require extensive color-matching, detailing, and blending.

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