Top Commercial Tenant Sign Styles To Enhance Visibility And Drive Business

Shop owners depend on conspicuous commercial tenant signs to help customers find their stores in busy business plazas. To help you shop smart and create a winning sign system, today’s post highlights a few of the most popular (and high-performance) commercial tenant signs options in Farmington Hills, MI.

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Commercial Tenant Signs For Business Plazas In Farmington Hills, MI

Commercial tenant signs are the lifeblood of business plazas in Farmington Hills, MI.

Without commercial tenant signs, motorists have no way to safely determine what’s inside the plaza they’re passing at speed. There’s simply no time to study all of the different storefront signs, and even if there was, some business plaza layouts make it impossible to take in every unit from a single viewing angle.

Commercial tenant signs make all the difference, helping business owners:

  • Tell shoppers what stores are in a business plaza at-a-glance
  • Build brand authority and recognition among passing motorists and pedestrians
  • Help delivery drivers, guests, and new hires find specific businesses in a hurry
  • Drive impulse buys, and more

Two of the most popular commercial tenant signs options are known as outdoor display signsand pylon signs.

Pylon signs are freestanding, roadside structures used to promote commercial tenants. Pylon signs scream commerce, often even mirroring the architectural style of the business plaza, which has the added benefit of making multiple logos seem somehow cohesive. Though they come in all shapes, sizes, and styles—single or double sided, lit or unlit—most share the same basic shape and characteristics, being very tall and one or two-legged, with plenty of room for interchangeable sign faces.

In contrast, outdoor display signs, like the one pictured above, are quite popular among business owners looking to create a more upscale appearance, incorporating more architectural elements and evoking easy comparisons to monument signs, both in terms of their height and aesthetic. Because these signs are often used on-premise, or to advertise to lower-speed roadways, they can afford to be lower to the ground, where they can anchor your brand image without costing you any long-range or high-speed impressions.

Of course, these aren’t your only commercial tenant sign options. We also offer:

  • Illuminated channel letters
  • Dimensional letters
  • Digital displays
  • Hanging signs
  • Monument signs
  • Indoor tenant signs, such as directory boards, and more

To see our full selection of commercial tenant signs, check out our online gallery.

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