Storefront Rebranding In Farmington Hills: 5 Signs It’s Time For A New Look

What is storefront rebranding, and how can it help my business in Farmington Hills, MI?” Read on to find out, or call (248)-955-1095 to speak directly with a storefront rebranding specialist near you.

Storefront rebranding is the process of reshaping how your company or product is perceived by the general public. In some cases, rebranding may involve a complete overhaul of all brand assets, from the brand name and tagline to its online presence and marketing collateral. But it almost always calls for a new logo—and that’s where our in-house design team makes all the difference.

But why would you want to invest in storefront rebranding? Contrary to popular belief, storefront rebranding is not solely used by flagging businesses who want to disassociate themselves with bad reputations. In fact, some of the most iconic and reputable businesses in America have gone through multiple rebrands, and all for the better. Take FedEx for instance:

Even if business is good, and you’ve earned a sterling reputation around Farmington Hills, storefront rebranding might be in your best interests if:

1. Your Business Is Now Offering Something Different.

Is your seasonal landscaping business expanding into a year-round operation with snow removal services? Is your restaurant going green, serving only organic, local, sustainable dishes? If your current branding puts you in a box, it’s time to invest in storefront rebranding.

2. Your Logo Feels Outdated.

Design trends fall in and out of favor, which means that a modern look is something of a moving target. And if your signage looks a little outdated, you could be costing your business sales and worsening local impressions of your business. Storefront rebranding is the solution.

3. Your Branding No Longer Stands Out From The Crowd.

Have you noticed a surfeit of copycat sign designs cluttering your local signscape? If the competition’s signage is biting your style, it’s time to set your business apart from the crowd with storefront rebranding.

4. Your Current Sign System Is Underperforming.

Time and time again, research has shown that quality signage drives sales and boosts brand impressions. If you feel as though your current sign system is not producing a worthwhile return on investment, get in touch with our team and get a free quote on storefront rebranding.

5. You’re Undergoing A Merger Or Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions almost always involve rebranding at some level. If you need help integrating your long-standing brand image with that of the new company, get in touch with our storefront rebranding specialists.

Get A Free Quote On Storefront Rebranding In Farmington Hills, MI

We’ve helped numerous companies grow their businesses with professional storefront rebranding, and we can do the same for you. Call (248)-955-1095 or request a callback by filling out the short contact form on our website.

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