Signs Of Success: How To Spot A Sign Specialist In Farmington Hills, MI

Today’s post highlights a few signs of success you can use to find a qualified sign specialist near you. Read on or call (248)-955-1095 to speak directly with a sign specialist in Farmington Hills, MI.

Serious Selection: Sign Specialists Have Solutions For All Asks And Budgets

Whether you’re looking for a deluxe, one-of-a-kind sign, scratch-built and lifted straight out of your imagination, or a “turnkey” sign system that’s ready to go as soon as your logo and/or colors are put in place, your sign specialist should be up to the task.

What’s more, their catalog should include multiple options at different price points, so you don’t have to break the budget to put your business on the map.

To get an idea of what a complete sign catalog should look like, visit our website; and check out our sign gallery to raise your sign design standards.

Premier Ratings And Review: True Sign Specialists Get Great Customer Feedback

According to the Sign Research Foundation, your sign is your #1 marketing investment, capable of generating thousands of impressions every day. With so much at stake, it is imperative that you research prospective sign specialists before you pull the trigger on your sign project.

Fortunately, in the Internet Age, due diligence is easier than ever, as consumers can use online reviews to vet sign specialists with a few quick keystrokes. There’s plenty we can say about our sign specialists—the training, the commitment to customer service, the proven process and design talent—but we’d prefer to let our work speak for itself:

To find more customer feedback, Google “Premier Signs Plus reviews.”

Sign Code Support: Sign Specialists Help You Cut Through The Red Tape

Anyone identifying as a sign specialist should be able to help you get a permit or variance from your on-premise advertising.

In Farmington Hills, almost all signs require a permit, and the design standards stipulated in the Charter / Code of Ordinances must be observed.

As per Section 5-17, the only signs that do not require a permit are:

  • Freestanding temporary signs under 12 square feet in area
  • Signs that are not visible from a public right-of-way, public park, or residentially zoned property
  • Window signs
  • Wall signs on single family residences
  • Temporary A-frame signs

Accordingly, if you’re ordering temporary signs larger than 12 square feet, non-residential wall signs, freestanding signs, hanging signs, awning signs, or banners intended for use in non-residential districts, you need a permit.

You can apply yourself, following the instructions published in Section 34-7.6, or you can find a sign specialist to do it for you, and keep your project on-track and in-compliance from start to finish.

Our sign specialists take pride in helping clients cut through the red tape, saving time and money that DIY applications and sign code violations might cost them otherwise. But don’t take our word for it—just visit our gallery to see our portfolio of 100% compliant sign solutions, or read some of our 5-star Google reviews to learn a bit more about our process.

Contact Sign Specialists In Farmington Hills, MI

To book a free consultation and get a quote from our sign specialists in Farmington Hills, you can:

  • Call (248)-955-1095
  • Request a callback using our online contact form
  • Submit your artwork to jump-start your project
  • Drop by our shop at 24764 Crestview Court, Farmington Hills, MI, 48335

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