Your sign says a lot about your business—in fact, in a national study by the Lindner College of Business, more than 850,000 survey respondents agreed that custom signs “can convey the personality or character” of a local business (Kellaris, 2012, p. 1).

With your brand identity at stake, it’s critical that you choose the right custom sign design, and our team is standing by to help. Today’s post highlights two ways our custom sign designers can help you choose the right specifications to convey your company’s unique character and boost brand authority.

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Custom Sign Design: Tailor Your Tech To Your Brand Identity

The level of sign technology you use speaks volumes about your brand. Some artisanal and industrial businesses prefer “old school” signs, which resonate with their buyers and convey an “old school” charm, whereas businesses in the tech industry typically prefer digital and illuminated signage, which tell their audience that they operate on the cutting edge.

Of course, custom digital and illuminated sign types aren’t only meant for high-tech businesses. They’re also a great way to show local audiences that you’re taking a modern approach to classic teachings, products, or cuisine. Take our illuminated church signs for instance:

The pastors at 180 Degree Church teach time-honored traditions, but they’re a fully modern church, complete with YouTube sermons and a “Connect with My Church” app in the Google Play Store. Their signage needed to reflect this modern approach, and our custom sign specialists got the job done!

To view our catalog of custom signs and find what’s best for your brand, call (248)-955-1095 for a free consultation.

Pick The Perfect Palette For Your Custom Signs In Farmington Hills, MI

Color conveys your brand’s character and essence at-a-glance. In fact, according to a seminal study by the Management Decision journal, “people make up their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with people, products, and promotional materials,” and “about 62-90% of the assessment is based on colors alone” (Singh, 2006, p. 783).

Plenty of research now supports color psychology theory. Some popular color/character associations include:

  • Green being associated with nature, organic products, and eco-friendly businesses
  • Blue being associated with calm, competency, and productivity
  • Red being associated with passion, excitement, power, and vitality
  • Gold being associated with wealth and luxury
  • Silver/metallics being associated with modernism, tech, and industrial products

Color psychology aside, it’s also a good idea to consider the local signscape and setting when choosing your palette. Make sure that you’re not repeating the colors of nearby competitors, and avoid “camouflaging” your sign by using colors similar to surrounding buildings and natural features (i.e. avoid mounting red signs on brick walls or gray signs on gray buildings).

For more help picking the perfect palette for your custom signs, call (248)-955-1095 to speak with a member of our team.

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Kellaris, J. (2012). Further evidence from the BrandSpark / Better Homes and Gardens American Shopper Study: A Longitudinal Update and Extension. Lindner College of Business / University of Cincinnati.

Singh, S. (2006). Impact of color on marketing. Management Decision.

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