Bring Your Design To Life With Pro Sign Designers In Farmington Hills, MI

A lot goes into creating a custom logo or sign, even before the manufacturing stage begins. It can be a lot for beginners to tackle on their own, but our pro sign designers make it easy for first-timers in Farmington Hills, MI.

Read on to learn a few ways we help first-time buyers lay the foundation for fantastic design results, or call (248)-955-1095 to learn more about the end-to-end support we offer.

Bring Your Design To Life: Go Pro For Perfect Planning And Preparation

These are just a few of the ways our pro sign fabricators can help you plan and prepare for the perfect custom sign design:

  • Set your sign goals and budget. Every successful marketing campaign begins with clear goals, and that’s especially true when you’re designing signage.

    After all, your marketing goals will also inform your choice of colors, fonts, and use of imagery, as well as the type of sign you choose. For example, safety signage might use cautionary yellow, or colors prescribed by OSHA standards, whereas exciting promotional signage for the same business might use passionate red, and calming, pro-productivity office signage might favor cooling blues.

    If you need help tailoring your design to your specific sign goals, get in touch with our team.

  • Familiarize yourself with the local sign code. Before you put pen to paper and begin drafting your design, you’ll need to read up on Farmington Hills’ Code of Ordinances. Failing to meet the design standards stipulated therein could result in fines and redesign costs.

    If you haven’t got the time to become an expert in municipal law, get in touch with our pro sign designers. We can assist you with permitting and variances, and we’ll keep your design fully compliant with the Code of Ordinances, as well as any other design code that may apply, such as the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design (typically for indoor signage) and OSHA sign codes (typically for safety/workplace signage).

  • Understand your sign options. While it is possible to place your custom design on just about any sign medium, from billboards to vehicle wraps, it is generally a good idea to tailor your design to a specific sign type.

    Looking to expand your advertising reach and access new audiences? Consider creating mobile billboards with custom vehicle wraps and graphics, and think of ways to integrate the flowing shape of the bodywork into your design.

    Want to make your business more visible from the roadside, eliminating those costly visual acuity errors and wayfinding sign fails that cost businesses sales every day? Pylon signs fit the bill—and that generally means you’ll need to keep the word count low.

    Want to create a rich, branded interior, without eating up valuable floor space? Wall and window graphics, hanging banners, and floor decals can bolster your sign system without creating any clutter.

    If you aren’t sure about what options fit your budget, or which are best suited to your specific sign goals, get in touch with our team. We carry a huge range of sign types, and, as members of the Signworld business alliance, we can get you access to the collective sign catalogs of more than 300+ sign shops around the country, then create a shortlist of recommendations based on your unique budget and goals.

  • Brush up on graphic design best practices. Consumers judge businesses based on the quality of their sign design. But what makes a quality design? Decades of graphic design literature has identified key features and best practices common among all of the best signs, and you should take time to read up on them before you begin.

    Of course, if you’re working with our pro sign designers in Farmington Hills, you can skip this step altogether. Since our team is highly trained and experienced in graphic design, you don’t have to be. When you work with us, you can brainstorm with complete confidence and creative freedom, knowing that our design experts will be there to polish, punch-up, and perfect your logo during the final drafting stages. We’ll help you optimize your logo with better legibility, contrast, visual hierarchy, balance, alignment, proportion, and emphasis.

Free Quote From Professional Sign Designers In Farmington Hills, MI

Call (248)-955-1095 or request a callback on our website to book a consultation with our professional sign fabricators and get a free quote on any custom design.

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